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Get Approved for a Loan in Less than 15 Minutes!


Payday Loans

 Borrow cash quickly and easily. Receive funds in as little as 10 minutes. Live life today. You deserve it. Pay back your loan on your next payday. Borrow as many times as you need.

To qualify for a payday loan, you must be able to provide proof of the following:

  • Proof of Address (Ontario Resident)

  • Proof of Age (Government Photo ID)

  • Full-Time Job (Recent Paystub)

Cheque Cashing

It is exactly what it sounds like: you bring in cheques that you need cashed immediately and walk out five minutes later with your money.

We retain a small service fee from the face value of the cheque. This is the processing fee for giving you cash immediately without holding the cheque for 5 business days.​ Valid government photo ID is required.​


Money Transfers

 Your money travels. To transfer money internationally, rely on Payday Mart 2. Take advantage of a fast and reliable service to send money abroad or elsewhere within Canada. With our network around the world, you are never far from a point of service! Ask about our even lower rates for new customers!

Bill Payments

 For customers in Ontario we offer you the convenience of paying bills quickly through our bill payment service. Our catalogue includes over 3,000 of the largest and most prominent service providers in Canada. Ask us about this service today.